Thursday, April 5, 2012

My top 10 jailbreaks and 100 reasons to jailbreak

Pretty cool youtube HD video "100 reasons to jailbreak" by Mario Dubek from JailbreakMatrix. I first got to know about it from a tweet by @iH8sn0w.

Much has changed since iOS 4 when I first experimented with jailbroken tweaks. Now with my iPhone 4 on iOS 5.0.1, some of the top 10 tweaks are:

1. Aloud (powerful voice announcer for incoming calls, sms, mail etc)
2. SBsettings (the 1st tweak i download; together with Cydelete, RotationInhibitor, RemoveBG)
3. iFile (Windows explorer for iDevices)
4. Facebreak (Facetime over 3G)and 3G UnRestrictor 5 (you decide if an app uses 3G)
5. Five Icon Dock (5 instead of 4 icons on the dock)
6. Gridlock (Place your icons anywhere)
7. iKeyWi (customise your keyboard - i like my extra 5th row with numbers)
8. noOTA badge (remove that reminder badge from your settings if you don't want iOS 5.1)
9. Zephyr (powerful customised gestures)
10. Winterboard and Dreamboard(customise themes, ringtones etc)


  1. where is springtomizer 2, iblacklist, notifier+, and tons others?

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