Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I attended the 2014 International Sound and Sight Exhibition held at the Parkroyal on Kitchener Road on 30th Nov. The turn-out was pretty good even on the third and last day of the Exhibition, even with the $15 entry fee which includes a free sample CD and a glass of red wine.

I was pretty impressed by some of the latest designs and technology. Sony led the way with a $62,000 short throw projector which can be situated only 7 inches from the screen, and yet produce a 140" image at 4K resolution!

Yamaha had some good speakers like the LSX-170 which produces good sound as well as lighting at a price of $549.

Another Yamaha designer piece, the Relit LSX-700 at $799.

I was also attracted to the B&O H6 headphones.

Of course, B&O headphones don't come cheap at a promotional price of $548.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Not a tech posting but definitely a gadget of sorts...men's shoes!

I purchased a pair of LLYR Thomas single monk shoes from Swagger at 15 Ann Siang Road, and rounded off with a plate of Tian Tian chicken rice at the Maxwell food centre next door with the family on 29 Nov 2014 (Sat).

This is a Swagger Exclusive with goodyear welting and dark purple inner lining. The dark brown patina is applied by Atelier LLYR. LLYR is among a select group of boutique Singaporean shoemakers.

The monks come with shoebags that are well made. Given that they are about $520 RRP, this is within expectations. Cedar shoetrees are recommended to absorb moisture and keep the shoes in shape.

LLYR shoes can also be found in Tangs Orchard. However, the Thomas single monks are exclusive to Swagger and I was told by Sherwin that only 3 are made for every size.