Monday, February 28, 2011

Tiny Wings ousts Angry Birds from Top Paid App Chart

Tiny Wings has just ousted Angry Birds from top spot on the Top Paid App chart!

Released on Feb 18th (yes, just over a week ago) by hitherto unknown game developer Andreas Illiger, it has quickly gained popularity on the back of very little marketing effort. I was initially a little sceptical because the game icon wasn’t very slick. However, the game play possesses a high level of cuteness and simplicity that is definitely going to appeal to a broad audience.

The game is about trying to get this bird (why is it always about birds?) to fly as far as it can and clear water and other obstacles. By holding down your finger on the screen when the bird is sliding down a hill, then releasing the finger on the uphill climb will launch the bird. From timing the launches, you can build up momentum in a series of small launches, followed by a major flight leap necessary to clear the various levels and obstacles.

From what I know, the main and only marketing tool has been the official gameplay trailer that has been circulating on Youtube.

Check out the official gameplay video below:

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