Sunday, December 19, 2010

How was it for you? ...On Angry Birds Day?

This is a rather belated post about what happened in various cities during Angry Birds Day 11th Dec 2010. And so it seems that Scandinavians, in this case, Rovio, the developers of Angry Birds who hail from Finland, are not great party organisers and therefore the world-wide turn-out was reportedly not fantastic. There were, of course, a small group of hardcore fans who did show up at gatherings in New York and Los Angeles dressed up as – what else – Angry Birds. But by and large, it is likely that the demography and profile of the typical Angry Bird player would mean that he/she would most likely be found doing homework or too busy/embarassesed/not prepared to go public about their addiction at such gatherings.

Over in London, blogger Julien Fourgeaud reported Flash mobs holding Angry Bird signs at Covent Garden (which is a bit like Fanueil Hall in Boston if you’ve never been to London before). However, apparently the security guards at Trafalgar Square (this would be Rockerfeller Center in NYC with much older looking buildings all round) have never heard of the game and were quite disapproving of the gathering there – probably the idea of an Angry ‘something’ Mob got them nervous – understandably so if you have never heard of the game before.

Most other cities reported very sedated celebrations (not a surprise considering the game is not the same as WoW in intensity), revolving around polite gatherings comparing notes about high scores and usually a viewing of the Angry Birds Peace Treaty Video - you’ve probably seen the Angry Birds Peace Treaty video on youtube by now – it first appeared on Israeli TV and is a spoof of the Mid-east peace process. Check it out here on youtube.

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