Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Iphone Life blog

I received a pretty nifty email today from a representative of Iphone Life. They've agreed to try me out as one of their bloggers on their fantastic Iphone Life online magazine. I've been following news and reviews from their site for some time now and thought it could be useful for someone (c'est moi!) to offer an asian perspective on the eccentricities of owning an Iphone/Ipad in Singapore. It's made my day cos I think the whole point of blogging is to get your message out there and i think Iphone Life is going to be one of those platforms.

Check out my Iphone Life blog entries here.


  1. I just wanted to welcome you to iPhone Life. I'm Gary Abel. I blog, write, copy edit, tweet etc. for iPhone Life magazine. Keep those blogs coming! They make my life easier because I have things to tweet about for the magazine. Again, welcome.

  2. Thanks for the welcome. Blogging's a hobby for me so I'm pacing myself :)