Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blogging with Blogbooster app for iphone

This is my first posting from my iphone. I was pretty lucky to download this blogbooster app when it was still free (now $2.99). It syncs well with my blog and has an easy interface. This app will definitely be going into my top 10 app list. Too bad it doesn't yet have an Ipad version but I'm guessing that the iphone version will work just as well - the iphone isn't really suitable for long blog postings given the small keyboard (I've made about 10 typos that I've had to correct so far and at this point, my fingers are seriously cramping...that's all for now...)

Update: My blogbooster app is not's dropping out of my top app list pretty soon if noone fixes this app.

Update 2:I'm now using PenMyBlog for my postings cos it's free. For reasons why I don't want to pay for blogging apps, refer to my previous post below "When we hesitate to pay $0.99 for that killer app"...

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