Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just got myself an Iphone 4!!!!

Yeah, it's been a difficult decision, giving up my preference for an android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S. In the end, I got really pissed off with waiting for the Froyo 2.2 update (that would have meant true flash browsing, wifi tethering for my iPad and storage card support for applications), and the lack of android marketplace paid apps access for those of us in Singapore. I was also disappointed that Google Turn by Turn Navigation does not seem to be coming to Singapore In the near future. Furthermore, fring's highly publicized breakup with Skype also meant that the hitherto android advantage of skype video call support had vanished in the near term and Apple's Facetime will be far superior for now.

On the other side, the Iphone 4 pricing was pretty affordable at $280 with the Starhub sun surf 300 plan ($58) per month on a two year contract. Since I was already with Starhub cable tv and broadband, I will also get an additional discount if I switched my cellphone plan to Starhub.

I've also managed to find 1 more cool app to add to my Top 10 List of Ipad apps:

7. Mover (incredibly fuss-free app to transfer photos from Iphone to Ipad)

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